What to watch in the cinema from August 6 to 11?

It’s August already, which means that the serial season is just around the corner. However, even now, during the traditional summer lull, the distributors still have premieres that can surprise us!

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Each film by Quentin Tarantino in one way or another causes a sensation in the world of the film industry. To call the director great is only to give him a small compliment, because this is too little. Quentin's paintings always have their own unique charm and style.

Someone, of course, may note Tarantino's obsession with showing naked feet in the frame, but his handwriting does not end there. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” teleports us straight to the epicenter of the star party of the 69th year.

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I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a few different thoughts!

Sergey Kuzmin

July 29, 2019

The film tells the story of ex-television star Rick Dalton and his understudy Cliff Booth. And the plot of the picture takes place against the backdrop of events related to the gang of Charles Manson. And of course, where would you be without a star cast! The film starred: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell and many, many others! And we will see the full composition of the Charles Manson family. The main role in the gang will be played by Damon Herriman. And interestingly, in just a couple of weeks, the second season of the Mind Hunter series will be released, where Herriman has played an elderly Manson. A mere coincidence or Fincher and Tarantino muddied their own universe ??? Well, we will find out from the 8th of August in the cinema.

“Scary stories for a story in the dark”

However, not only old Quentin wants to surprise us. The unsurpassed Guillermo del Toro and his new “Terrible Stories” are already in a hurry to become a frequent guest of our nightmares. The famous film director has long been famous for his love for … extraordinary filing. His “Hellboy”, “Labyrinth of Faun” and “Form of Water” always had a very specific picture and an original story.

According to all promotional materials, the future tape will be on the same shelf of eccentricity as past paintings. By the way, the company of Mexican filmmaking will be Andre Ovredal, who shot the peculiar, but frightening "Demon Inside." As a result, the guys created their version of “It” with a company of teenagers and a bunch of scarecrows. In cinemas since August 8.

"Dora and the Lost City."

Well, add a little Spanish shame to your tape? Yes, indeed, this film is far from for every viewer. But in our top he is only because everyone who has small children or younger brothers and sisters is obliged to go to him.

Why? Yes, because for a long time – this, finally, is something more or less adequate for adults who have to drag themselves in the movies because of the kids. You must admit that it’s already difficult to sit in cinemas on the 800s “Athletes”.

The tape became a direct adaptation of Nickelodeon's Dasha the Pathfinder. By the way, for those who wondered “Why in the name of Dora, and not the usual Dasha”, we have the answer. Merciless Locators!

The animated series for decades came out with a name in the Spanish manner, and the team of the domestic channel translated the name for Russian children. By the way, there are many famous people in the film! Michael Peña and Eva Longoria will play Dora's parents. But what is more amusing is that the role of Slipper was voiced by former gangster Danny Trejo. And the no less courageous Benicio Del Toro gave the voice to Rogue. In short, the dangerous Dora gang will arrive on the screens from August 8.

“U means killers”

Well, what without Netflix? Already this week, a promising summer premiere is coming out on the streaming platform. To some extent, the guys decided to rethink the not-so-successful Iron Fist. The story came out came out very specific. And yes, Asians are waiting for us, a lot of Asians.

According to the synopsis: “Kai Jin is the chosen one, who becomes the last of the legendary assassin clan. He will have to find and learn to use the power of the ancient triad to restore harmony to the local Chinatown of San Francisco. " True, unfortunately, the series has nothing to do with the famous series of games. But maybe it’s for the best after “Assassin’s Creed”. August 8 is already on Netflix.

The week will be eventful. We will have time to plunge into ancient Hollywood, get scared of dumb Scarecrows, run through the jungle and look into the bins of the ancient order. It’s very cool that now there are more summer premieres than before, and holidays are now not such a lull. See you soon!


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