What to see in the movie from July 22 to July 29? Peasant week.

The coming week, according to rumors, has an anomalous cooling in the central part of Russia and an almost complete absence of significant prime ministers. And if with the first one, as always, it is possible to argue, then with the second everything is really like that. And that is why we solemnly name this week – a week of testosterone. Why? Details in our mini selection.

"Hobbs and Show"

And of course, the first in line is the long-awaited spin-off of the Fast and the Furious, which will surely give us a duo of the decade. In childhood, we all dreamed of seeing a crossover on the screens with the participation of action heroes. And, though originally, but the “Expendables” were able to translate this dream into reality. So here.

For the current generation, Scala and "The Boy from the Quotes" are heroes equal to Van Damme and Lundgren. As for the plot of the picture, then everything is extremely simple: there is a villain who dreams of destroying the world, and two superagent without special skills in working in pairs, beautiful girls and cars. All in the spirit of "Fast and the Furious", minus the boring speeches of Torreto about the family, who changed the testosterone jokes of Hobbs and Shaw.

In general, it is amusing to know the results of the fees of the picture, as this may change the direction of all future films of the franchise. For those who are in the tank: with the advent of the Rock in the film, on the site of the Fast and the Furious it became very hot.

Diesel (being God on the set of the series) stated that Duane Johnson did not surrender to his team and the saga itself. Yes, there even almost did not reach the fight! Well, fees and reviews of the audience about the character of Johnson said the opposite. Everything eventually resulted in the fact that the duo of two warriors from the last film went so much to the audience that requests for a separate spin-off just flooded the Internet while the Fast and the Furious 8 rolled out.

The decision was taken almost a couple of days later and they decided to shoot the spin-offs as a matter of priority, postponing the output of the ninth part, even despite the blazing anus of Vin Diesel. And in general, one should not expect anything new from the novelty. Fun with explosions in the form of light action comedy summer will land on the screens already this Thursday. In the cinema from August 1.

Creed (1 and 2)

Sports drama of the new generation. The film is one of the most worthy representatives of the sports direction in the cinema. The story is based on the legacy of the Rocky Balboa saga, which immediately makes it popular among Sly fans.

However, its isolation is an ideal highlight. The history of the formation of Adonis Creed as a professional boxer is not shown through the prism of "cool fighter". In the middle of the film, he is injured, incompatible with life. But he is back in the ranks and in the end to win despite everything. ”

The film, rather, the story of the character of Michael Jordan (no, not a basketball player). A movie about how an illegitimate son Apollo Creed finds himself in this world. Of course, the second part is on its way back to basics, Adonis stumbles on the path of revenge. But it looks very succinctly. Sooner or later it would be logical that Doni will decide to deal with the demons of the past. Both parts have already appeared in good quality, so you can safely run to watch.

"Shot into the void"

Film opening The trailers cast a very double impression, but the film turned out to be not at all what it was represented with. Each of us is able to make a mistake, but not everyone is ready to answer for it.

Jacob Harlon is not like that. He goes to prison and realizes that it is possible to survive there only by living according to the laws of this place. The story is not about how closed walls break a person, but about how they can change.

Nikolai Koster-Waldau played superbly and his Bablos really makes me change my opinion about the hero during the film. At first, you see a frightened civilian who wants to worry and help pull him out from behind the bars, but then we have another person in front of us. A person who is worth being afraid and avoiding. The film was released back in 2017, so we highly recommend everyone to watch it.

The Punisher (Netflix series, 2017-2019)

Oh, and the cherry in our peasant film top is this beast. Despite the already complete history of all the Netflikos Marvel series, it’s the story of this guy that’s worth seeing. Comics have always been famous for their fabulousness. Plots were almost always associated with fiction or magic. But not a punisher.

The whole family of Frank Casla died, having fallen under the battles of showdowns of the warring factions. As a combat Marine, loyal to his loved ones, Frank goes on the warpath. And both seasons do not reduce us to the pattern “I am angry. I am going to revenge. ”

Frank's story is driven through dozens of plot lines. The stories of friendship, law and lawlessness, the imperfection of the system and its decay – this is the netflikos “Punisher”.

You do not need to know who Peter Parker is to watch this show. Everything we have already told you above. The path of revenge will reveal many secrets to Kasla, about which he himself did not even suspect. The series is required to view. But we highly recommend removing children from TV screens! On the Netflix platform already half a year. Enjoy watching.

Well, that was the end of our mini TOP peasant movie. Nowadays tapes are not so popular, the main task of which is epic shooting and scouring without an adequate history. Special effects are everywhere, but not everyone can apply them correctly. Qualitatively filed plot – a pledge to hold the viewer's attention. See you again!

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