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What to replace the official client of Telegram

Some time ago the management of the Telegram allowed everyone to create clients for messenger. Many did not miss the opportunity, and now anyone can pick up a Telegram to your taste and color.

Telegram is definitely one of the most popular messengers in the world, enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people. It is very convenient and fast, many useful functions and it has a cool interface. But, nevertheless, there are still many things to add to the app.

For example, for the past many months users are asking the developers to include in the Telegram a few categories that will allow you to split the channels, messages, groups, and bots. Someone is not satisfied with the design of the service and they want something new. To help solve these issues will third-party customers.

Teleplus | iOS and Android

Teleplus is one of the most popular and useful customer Telegram. It realizes the cherished dream of all fans of the messenger, sharing the channels, groups, bots and personal messages into four categories. In addition, Teleplus has a stealth mode that hides the status of the user, and the ability to create groups of contacts.

Unfortunately, the client has some significant drawbacks. First, the speed – it is much lower than the official Telegram. In addition, there are many minor errors that interfere with a comfortable work. Secondly, rare updates, the last time the app was improved as much as seven months ago! So about any fresh features of speech can not be.

Loopy | iOS and Android

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Client Loopy was designed for business communication. Everything revolves around cooperation: a convenient access to the documents in the form of a tape, joint work with lists and notes in real-time, color tags. In addition, Loopy has a cool built-in player that can playback any audio formats.

Problems at all also rooted in the little things: mistakes and slow work forced eventually to return to the official Telegram. But, unlike Teleplus, Loopy is regularly updated, so you can install and hope for improvement.

iGram | Windows

iGram for Windows performs the same function as Teleplus for iOS and Android. It shares the chaotic flow of information in four categories: channels, groups, bots and personal messages. But he has a couple of features, including “favorites”, ID search and the familiar stealth mode.

Also iGram can be found advanced settings of the design and, what is particularly pleasing, quality work. The client is not much different in stability from the official Telegram Desktop, so you can feel free to download.

Now Telegram is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the service manual helps users to get around the ban by sending a special push notification. Remarkably, the unofficial clients, they don’t come, so you’ll have to constantly use a VPN or Proxy.

Thus, everyone has the opportunity to choose ideal and use Telegram messenger with an even greater joy. And what kind of clients do you use?

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