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What to look for when buying Apple stock

The publication Busines Insider told what you should pay attention to future investors of Apple.

The success of the Corporation in 2017 — not a coincidence as it might seem at first glance, but the result of long and systematic work. During the year the share price has almost doubled, and the capitalization of Apple is about a trillion dollars.

To strengthen the market position was affected by the launch of the innovative iPhone X, Apple Watch and upgraded powerful iMac Pro.

According to analysts Mizuho, the second largest Bank of Japan to decide on the purchase of shares of the Corporation in 2018, you need to pay special attention to two factors:

  • the demand for the iPhone X

The flagship Apple smartphone has set the bar high enough. The demand has spurred the growth of the Corporation’s shares, while analysts at UBS, a leading Swiss Bank, I believe that here has not done without speculation. The popularity of the iPhone X, especially in the first quarter of 2018, could seriously affect the future value of the shares of the Corporation. Therefore, those who plan to invest their savings in Apple securities, you should carefully monitor the sales of this gadget.

  • the development of the Apple services.

The statements of Tim cook on the expansion of services, Apple brought the company about $ 30 billion. The Corporation is actively working on creating original television content and diversifitsirovat activity, by purchasing such services as Shazam. In a complex and fierce competition in the smartphone market Apple is seeking to make its position more stable. It will help the company offset the decline in net profit in the case that the next generation iPhone will be a failure.

At the end of December 2017, Apple’s stock was worth about $ 170. In the fall of 2017 1 share could obtain at a price of about 160-165 dollars apiece.

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