What to listen to at the weekend: Justin Bieber, Tame Impala, Hollywood Undead and Boniface

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What to listen to on the weekend: Green Day, La Roux, Jack Garratt and Oh Wonder

Ilya Kichaev

February 7, 2020

Friday is the time for new music releases. I have selected the best for you so that you could spend the coming weekend with pleasure.

Justin Bieber – Changes

No matter how you feel about this cute guy, Changes is the main release of this week. The album with the symbolic name “Change” tells how difficult it is to be just a person.

In general, the album came out extremely calm. Calling it “the main release” without regard to Bieber’s personality is unrealistic. There are practically no hits here. It seems that the Yummy clip scored 180 million views purely out of Justin fans' habit:

The Yummy clip just completely talks about one of the main ideas of the album: it is obvious that they tried to take advantage of the teenager’s popularity. This is shown metaphorically in the video: people take turns one after another, everyone eats from one table.

Any creativity should be evaluated from several points of view. Firstly, it will be a subjective “like / dislike”. Secondly, the evaluation of the product within the entire modern cultural layer. Thirdly, an assessment with an eye on the past style and creativity of the author. And finally, an assessment with an eye on the personality of the author.

Bieber’s new album is interesting from the last point of view: we traced his growing up, we heard something about his alcoholism and drug problems, which he began to take almost 13 years old. These transformations made him the Justin Bieber who recorded Changes. And it is wonderful that he strives for a normal lifestyle with the help of Haley Baldwin, wife of Justin, whom he seems to be sincerely grateful.

Tame Impala – The Slow Rush

My favorite of this week. Australian Kevin Parker, whose production project is Tame Impala, continues to capture the hearts of listeners with his tenor.

The Slow Rush is moving in the same direction where the previous The Moment full-length format was moving – there are more and more synthesizers, and the aesthetics built on the disco funk of the 70s correlate well with the interspersed pop music of the next forty or fifty years. Here you will hear great electronic pop ballads with the obvious influence of The Weeknd, some kind of zero-zero dream pop and even psychedelic rock.

Deaf drums are deliberately made loud – they work great for rhythm. Pulse synthesizers play along with him.

It was the synthesizers that became the main instrument of this album. This is definitely not a text album – the vocals are lost in the repeated delay, the long-tailed reverb. And all this perfectly emphasizes those sweet and catchy pop songs that Parker so dreamed of writing.

Boniface – Boniface

The debut album of the Canadian group Mick Wisser is a very young guy who, either because of his age or because of his character, does very sincere things.

In Waking Up in Suburbia – the opening ballad played on the piano – it seems that Mick's voice will break. Not because of a scream, no. And because of his overwhelming emotions. At the same time, there is nothing outstanding in the sound of the keys, except for a confidently played riff repeating square by square.

Boniface – another declaration of love of the pop aesthetics of the 80s. Moreover, the stylization is very competent and, it seems, apart from modern mixing techniques, it will not give anything out here that the album was released on February 14, 2020, and not 35 years ago.

Western critics praise the odes to synthesizers and the sincerity of Boniface. And then I agree with him.

Hollywood Undead – New Empire, Vol. 1

Another attempt to make new metal relevant.

Hollywood Undead has been doing it for 15 years. The first part of New Empire is built on what has been done for the new metal over the past decades: here you will hear references to Linkin Park's legendary Meteora album, Limp Bizkit, and P.O.D. – to the very groups that seem to have said everything in this style.

Yes, the band knows how to create a cool feel. However, there is nothing new. On the whole, the album is secondary, and “cool” things stand out slightly among other “cool” things – even though the moves are winning, they were called in fifteen years ago.

Multi-line releases

And there will be albums that you might not have noticed, but they also seem interesting.

Bill Laurance Trio – Live at Ronnie Scott’s

A jazz trio named after its leader – keyboardist Bill Lawrence. You could hear this Grammy winner among the incredible Snarky Puppy. There are no revelations here.

Most likely you will like it if you listen and understand such jazz.

Mulherin – Blurry

A small (less than 20 minutes) EP of seven tracks. A naive minimalist sound mixes acoustic instruments with a confident subwoofer.

When listening to Blurry, you can recall Jamie Woon's debut album if it were more sunny.

Tennis – Swimmer

Another hello to the 80th. Boniface did better, but Tennis was able to bring in a lot of modern pop and even rock music.

Beautiful female vocals, bewitching beats, simple, but such relevant guitars. A straightforward, but therefore very charming album.

Bonus from the films about the bond with Daniel Craig

A few months ago, the world was excited by the news: 17-year-old Billy Ailish will record the title track for the new James Bond movie!

And this is just the case when the song does its job perfectly: it puts an end to the franchise about Bond with Daniel Craig, becoming a kind of apogee of all previous musical themes.

In the song you will hear references to all the previous four title songs. There are references to Chris Cornell:

And to the duet Alisha Keyes and Jack White:

You will even hear the greatest thing – Skyfall performed by Adele:

And Sam Smith's Writing’s On The Wall:

It was no coincidence that young Billy was called – she is now one of the main artists. She is known all over the world. And let's be honest: her intonations, which can be called a tired voice, fit well with James Bond performed by Daniel Craig. Each of Bond's songs shows the mood of the film. In Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, he is also an energetic man who can turn mountains. Next is a tired agent, who should have retired. And it’s best to listen to the song No Time to Die specifically for shots from a future movie:

This is still an experimental rubric. Write in the comments what you think about all this, and we will look at your reaction and think about its future.

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