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What to give the iPhone owner involved in sports

In the eve of new year and Christmas holidays, the acute issue of choosing gifts for family and friends. Athletes can enjoy a fitness accessory for the iPhone.

Apple Watch


One of the most obvious, but the most pleasant gift will become smart watch Apple Watch. This watch has many advantages, main of which — they were created in order to be a faithful companion iPhone. If the user prefers independence, then a great option would be the Apple Watch Series 3 with the cellular module.

Choosing the strap to the watch, you should pay attention to sports options from Nike. They are designed to ensure that the gadget was not felt on the hand during training, and that the skin underneath didn’t sweat.

Garmin Fenix 5

A great alternative to “smart watches” from Apple. Garmin Fenix 5 is designed for those who prefer to seriously engage in sports, preferably outdoors. The watch is equipped with multiple sensors and track a far greater number of body metrics.

Please user also battery capacity. With the included GPS tracker watch “live” 24 hours. Without the tracking location can hold a single charge for up to two weeks.


The heart rate monitor Wahoo TICKR X is a perfect gift for those who prefer active sports. The gadget syncs with a huge number of applications, including “Health” on the iPhone.

The device is enclosed in a waterproof casing that allows you to use it during swimming or Jogging in the pouring rain. In addition, the TICKR X has an internal memory that records heart rhythms user, so it can be used separately from the smartphone.

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Beats Powerbeats3

For anybody not a secret that the right music is an essential part of any workout. Music energizes and motivates. Therefore, during training, it is important to have high-quality headphones.

The Beats Powerbeats3 created specifically for athletes. These headphones are not susceptible to ingress of moisture, and fitted with hooks that conveniently hold them while running, or strength training.

A nice bonus for the owner Beats Powerbeats3 will be that headphone will automatically connect to all devices logged into one Apple ID account.

“Smart” scales Eufy BodySense


For a person who is watching their weight, “smart” scales would be a great gift. The device syncs with the Health app and can distinguish between up to 16 users.

Scales can also determine the percentage of body fat and show statistics for the selected period of time.

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