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What to expect from a new MacBook in 2016

What to expect from Apple in its line of laptops? What technologies will be equipped with the new MacBook? Your assumptions on the future updates Apple laptops shared Ben Luigi browser 9to5Mac.

The author suggests the list of technical solutions that are currently available. In the current Apple line of laptops uses a combination of processors Broadwell and Haswell, but already in June the company will be able to switch to the Intel processors of the sixth generation of the item has been added.

The new chips from Intel are 10-20% more powerful than the previous, and the graphics performance by 40%. Processors the item has been added also by 15-30% ahead of the current generation in terms of energy efficiency. Apple may use these features to increase battery life MacBook or reduce the size of the battery.

Finally, the item has been added to support several new wireless connectivity standards: WiDi and WiGig. The first involves the wireless connection of displays, the second data transmission over short distances at speeds up to 7 Gbps. Not spared the attention and the work with wireless chargers, but they won’t be available at launch processors. These standards will impact only on some accessories for my MacBook, but not on laptops.

Don’t forget that the USB-C which appeared in the 12-inch MacBook was support for the Thunderbolt standard.

Available technology

It is obvious that the company in any case will move to the architecture of the item has been added. The reasons for the emergence of a new generation of Intel processors the updated MacBook models should be delayed simply missing. The only intrigue is the presence of this processor in the future MacBook Air: there is a chance that the laptop will get a low-end version of the chip Core M.

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It is already clear that Apple will equip the new MacBook USB ports. the Company definitely will abandon an individual Thunderbolt port with support for this technology with new USB. The only question that remains in the presence of other legacy ports.

The new laptops can be expected the advent of the fingerprint scanner. We are so accustomed to using Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad, which is the usual password on the Mac is already causing a little confusion. Recall that the company has patented authentication on Mac using the fingerprint scanner in 2007.

Apple may expand the possibility of regime Continuity, allowing users to unlock their Mac with Touch ID on the iPhone. Third-party developers already offer this option to their apps.

But experts are inclined to believe that Apple will equip the MacBook’s own fingerprint scanner. This will not only unblock the Mac, but to use scanner for secure access to application Notes and fast purchases using Apple Pay.

It is likely that the MacBook Air will be available in several colors, like a 12-inch MacBook.

MacBook Air or MacBook?

If the probability that Apple will abandon the suffix “Air” in the title of the Junior line of laptops. Agree, it would be strange to release a 12-inch MacBook and leave a legacy 11-inch MacBook Air.

According to rumors, this year we will have a 15-inch MacBook. But if you have 12, 13 and 15-inch laptops would be far more logical to abandon the 13-inch diagonal.

If the rumors about the refusal of “Air” in the title of the laptops will be confirmed, it would be logical to assume that Apple will use the new laptops design 12-inch MacBook with a single USB port-C. the efficiency of the new processors will allow Apple to decrease the size of the MacBook Air battery by placing it in a slim case and equipping the laptop low profile keyboard and Retina display.

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But what type of processors will be installed in the new MacBook? Practice shows that the stripped Core M is quite suitable for “non-professional” buyers. In addition, the difference between processors is reduced and full models the item has been added will allow Apple to differentiate the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 2016

With processors in future MacBook Pro everything is clear today: the laptops will be equipped with chips the item has been added with integrated graphics Iris Pro. Would be nice if Apple would increase the base amount of RAM you have MacBook Pro with 8 to 16 GB and a 16 to 32 GB (depending on model), but given the fact that the company is reluctant to increase RAM, this should not be expected in 2016.

A sharp drop in the price of SSDS could enable Apple to increase the default amount of storage, but this step is almost impossible because of a policy of promotion by the company of its cloud storage.

The target audience of the MacBook Pro often works with connected peripherals, so Apple is unlikely to equip a device of this type one USB port-C. But this does not mean that “Proshka” will be equipped with the same HDMI connector, which can replace the adapter or AirPlay. In addition to Thunderbolt and HDMI, the company may refuse the slot for reading SD-cards and connectors for connecting the headset, replacing them with four or five USB ports.

Feature of MacBook Pro could be the duration of battery life. The energy efficiency of chips the item has been added will allow more continuous operation of laptops, if Apple will retain the current capacity of the battery. But, unfortunately, such a move is unlikely.

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Another way to differentiate MacBook and MacBook Pro may be a transition to new screen sizes (14 and 16 inches) without increasing the size of the housing Pro-laptops.

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