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What to do if your Mac doesn’t have enough RAM?

Every Mac user with 8 or 4 GB of RAM from time to time faced with the problem of slow operating system and even the periodic “crashes” of open programs. In order to get rid of this you need to clean the RAM.

After the computer starts, all programs start and respond quite quickly. But over time you notice that your Mac begins to function more slowly. And then there are “friezes” and comfortable about the work you can forget.

It should be understood that while working you are not available all the RAM. Part takes to fit your needs operating system and its services. And the rest of free memory available to run programs for the graphics card using RAM.

If you begin to notice a slow OS and lack of free memory, you should run a cleaning of RAM. You can use the free utility Memory Clean 2. The program serves one major goal — periodic cleaning of RAM at your request.

Memory Clean 2 will help when Mac suddenly starts “to brake” — just open the program and click the Clean or Extreme Clean. After you complete these steps, your computer will have more free RAM, and you will be able to work comfortably.

Download Memory Clean for Mac 2 at this link.

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