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What to do if you found an iPhone?

Loss iPhone today for some of us to turn a moment of frustration, and for others a cause for elation.

According to statistics, every day many people lose their smartphones, respectively some of their finds. In this situation, as always, the “medals” two sides – positive and negative. However, one should not jump to conclusions and those who found beautiful and almost brand new iPhone. Imagine the sad feelings does the one who by his negligence lost gadget, but you can be in this situation.

So if you have even the slightest chance to find the owner of a lost device, it is best to use it.

The majority of iPhone owners access the mobile is locked with a password or a fingerprint scanner. Therefore, in order to know the name of the owner of the gadget, you should use a hint Siri. Voice assistant developed by Apple several hundred commands, including to identify the owner of the iPhone.

A simple question “Whose phone is that” or “Who owns this phone” will display on the screen the card of the owner of the gadget with personal data and his phone number. Thus you can contact the user before he activates the “lost mode” or remotely erase all information from the device via Find my iPhone.

In order for personal assistant Apple know who is the owner of an iPhone or iPad, you first need to go into the settings of the operating system and specify the contact. This is done in Settings –> Mail, contacts, calendars> “My account”. Create separate contacts in the Address book.

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