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What to do if you forgot your password from iPhone and iPad

So, you have forgotten the password for my iPhone and can’t unlock. In this article, you’ll learn what actions you should take to save the contents of the device and successfully remove the blockage.

Most likely, the fault was built into the Home button fingerprint scanner. You have simply forgotten to enter your password, and he flew you out of my head. Forgetting the combination of characters or, even worse, after a few unsuccessful attempts, you find yourself in not the most pleasant situation. If you want to verify the reliability of the methods of encryption from Apple, ask about it to FBI agents.

To solve the forgotten password, you have three options. According to information from Apple support, you will not be able to recover iPhone data, if beforehand you have not created backup of your device.

If you have a backup, you need only to go through the process of restoring from a backup, after which the password will be reset. Unfortunately, the data from your iPhone will be restored to the state when the copy was made – all new content will be lost. But this compromise is the type of stuff that should go.

If you have no backup file, you must do the following:

  • wipe your device using iTunes on the computer used for syncing your iPhone;
  • to erase the device via iCloud, if you have a Google account and the Find my iPhone service is activated;
  • use recovery mode to reset iPhone to factory settings.

Consider each option in more detail.

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Use iTunes

To restore data, you can use iTunes on a trusted computer that was previously used to sync the iPhone. In this case, iTunes will automatically use a previously created backup, and you’ll get a chance to reset the forgotten lock code.

Step 1: connect your locked iPhone to the computer you previously synced with.

Step 2: Launch iTunes and wait until you have downloaded the necessary SOFTWARE. If the program did not request a password, then all is well, but if iTunes will require a code, then try to connect to another computer. Otherwise, the contents of the device will be completely removed.

Step 3: If the password is not requested, let iTunes sync and backup iPhone.

Step 4: once synchronization is complete, and the backup is created, click the Restore button in iTunes.

Step 5: Select the option to restore the device from backup.

Step 6: Select any backup file of your iPhone to restore. Remember that the latest version will contain the most relevant content.

After recovery you will be able to re-set your password. This time try to remember it!

Use iCloud

This option will work if the smartphone is locked service enabled Find my iPhone, and the device is transmitting data via a mobile network or within range of Wi-Fi.
Open the page on any of your devices (PC, Mac, Android or another device on the iOS platform).

Step 1: Log in using your Apple ID.

Step 2: Click on All devices at the top of the web page.

Step 3: Select the problem device from the list.

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Step 4: Click on the Erase button to clear the contents of the device and reset the access code.

Step 5: After that on the iPhone you can select the option to restore from backup or configure the smartphone as a new device. To save your data, select restore using your iCloud, and then set up and remember a new password.

Full reset iPhone

If you have not preserved backup in iCloud or on your computer with iTunes, and to get to the device fails, all data on locked iPhone will have to say goodbye. The only way out of this situation is to restore the iPhone to its factory state.

Step 1: connect your iPhone to any computer with iTunes installed.

Step 2: Do a “hard” reset the device by holding the power button and the Home button until until the screen goes dark. Continue to hold Home when the screen will appear the Apple logo. If the LCD will then display the iTunes logo, it means you are in recovery mode.

Step 3: In recovery mode, iTunes will offer to restore your iPhone. If the program requires you to update your device, agree.

Step 4: iTunes will download the correct version of the firmware and installs it on the connected gadget. You will then be able to set your iPhone “as new”.

If the loading process lasts longer than 15 minutes, repeat the whole process again. The download will resume from where you stopped.

To restore your iPhone because of a forgotten password is not the most pleasant experience, so try to keep it in memory. Also don’t forget about regular syncing and backup in iTunes and iCloud, to avoid potential problems.

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