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What the Internet resources about wireless Pixel Buds?

With Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google introduced its first wireless headphones Buds Pixel. More and more large online publishers to post reviews on a new product.

A review on the Gizmodo website contains a lot of criticism. The author complains of the staff work from a single battery charge and complex process of pairing with the smartphone. Also discussed translation of speech in real-time. This feature works only with the Pixel of the second generation, which, moreover, should be directly in front of the speaking man. Interoperability with the voice assistant Google Assistant is only possible with devices running Android 6.0 and above Mashmallow.

Pixel Buds do not connect to a desktop or notebook computer. According to Gizmodo, the sound quality Buds Pixel is equivalent to a wired Apple EarPods, with one difference – the headphones Google is not enough low frequencies. And the touch controls on the right earphone is often activated by accident.

“Apple AirPods wireless headphones more versatile. They work well with Apple devices and Android smartphones. Besides, AirPods without problems connect to your computer and other Bluetooth-enabled devices,” says the survey.

On the website VentureBeat has been posted a much more positive opinion. The author calls Pixel Buds “is quite a powerful response AirPods” and “the first step on the way to assistant with artificial intelligence in the ear of the user.” Separately, the resource pointed out the ability of Google Assistant is to perform different work, from paving the walking trails up to order pizza.

In the opinion of the publication Axios said Pixel Buds is good for those who own smartphones Pixel and often travels to different countries. However, the author thinks that the headphones are Apple AirPods are more elegant, compact and convenient.

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Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL originally was included with Pixel Buds. According to buyers, inside the package there is a smartphone compartment under headphones and user manual. The headphone is not included.

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