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What the budget iPhone to choose iPhone 6 or iPhone SE?

A guide for those who can not decide between size and power.

Russia sharply stepped happy times. Seventh the iPhone, you can take a 40-thousand, eighth – 50, Plus 8 for 53 to 55.

6s give 30, and the “six” 32 GB sold for 23-24 thousand.

With the SE all the more beautiful – in summer 4-inch mini flagship was worth 20 thousand for the version 32 gigabytes.

There are only most important to choose the right model. All true tips below.

Why should or should not buy iPhone 6?

I have to say: I used the iPhone 6 the first day it came out in Russia, so caught all the scraps of the first batch, except the well-known bending of the hull. So:

1. During phone calls the iPhone cowardly way plucked the hair at the temples – it was really painful;

2. After 3-4 months the front camera is frankly crooked. The quality is not affected, but annoyed purely aesthetic;

3. Tight covers and bumpers in a strange way affect the operation of the screen periodically and it began to lag terribly. For example, when scrolling lists have gone somewhere not there. Poke at the keyboard, too, was impossible.

Even iPhone 6 cannot be called champion of Autonomous work (easily discharged to 18:00) or king shooting in low light. But most of all hated the scratches that my “six” was covered almost immediately, despite the fact that I didn’t put the phone in one pocket with keys.

As far as I know, in later batches the main problems fixed: frontalka never travels, and microscale not pull out the hairs. Everything else you can tolerate.

The main advantages of iPhone 6 – screen design. The case is ideal for to do everything with one hand. I went on the “six” with the iPhone 4S and used per day, although I’m not very big hand.

4.7-inch iPhone 6 is good everywhere – from games to movies and comfortable reading and correspondence in messengers. In words, sounds corny and modest, but in the process you will understand how important bonus 0.7 inch compared to the iPhone SE.

With the main disadvantage of iPhone 6 is also nothing to do. Gigabytes of RAM – it’s a circus for 2017. The application will be constantly uploaded, the menu is very slow, and some APPA. – to open with delays.

It all depends on the temperament: if podragivanija forced to drink “New pass”, better to just forget about the iPhone 6. But if you have a full order with equanimity, and you are willing to wait a bit, it is possible to take the model with the screen, which is still close to the flagship (iPhone 8 – not much better).

Why should or should not buy iPhone SE?

Startling fact: I know many iPhone owners SE, and they all admire my phone. They are pleased and time (there some crazy optimization – SE easy reach of the night), and compactness, and the quality of photos that the device is not buggy and no crashes.

But! There are those who turned SE in the hands, said to myself “Not my” forever goodbye to the idea of taking a small phone.

I fall into this category. Four inches is now enough for calls, a quick check of instagram and short conversations in messengers.

To watch movies on this screen is torture. To play too hard. Typing long texts is impossible: the size of the buttons on the keyboard allows you to write without mistakes, without AutoCorrect. And autocorrector writing speed slows significantly.

Otherwise, SE is beautiful.

The funniest claim to a mini-flagship – an ancient design.

Let me remind you that we are talking about Apple, which in recent years is extremely lazy. Sketches iPhone 8 – three years. Corps Watch – the same three years. MacBooks generally chronically was gray and the same – no one soared.

So it is reasonable to perceive the design of the iPhone SE is not as obsolete, but as a classic.

What to buy?

I have a clear hierarchy of budget iPhones:

1. iPhone SE 128 GB 26-27 thousand rubles.

Imagine: purchase your phone and can generally never worry about storage. Memory is absolutely bottomless: let’s say I for the year failed to score 128 gigs of iPhone 7 Plus, although for the time has not carried out any cleaning.

2. iPhone 6 32 GB 23-24 thousand rubles.

The screen still decides. Spit on micrology, if the size of the display allows you to work and to have fun, and don’t RUB your eyes after 30 minutes of Talibani to a smartphone. It is “six”, I think, was to be a new national model iPhone 5s is deceased.

3. iPhone SE 32 GB for 19-20 thousand.

Everything is fair: small screen, small memory footprint, but the hardware. It is not surprising that SE became a Russian hit, but there is a suspicion that it take mostly out of greed: people see powerful iPhone for 20 thousand, stop looking around and ignore the iPhone 6. And for good reason.

PS Restored the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus were not considered for the obvious reason: 16 gigabytes of internal memory are subjected to torment and suffering. 32 gigabytes – a living wage.


Question to all: which iPhone would you buy with a limited budget?

Would to experiment with used gadgets?

Looked at least briefly at the market of Android-devices?

All versions should be spelled out in the comments!

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