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What new products can we expect from Apple at WWDC 2015

Apple is going to surprise fans of the brand and professionals. Observers now talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the new version of Apple TV and streaming service, which the company intends to submit in early June.

In 2015 Apple will hold four major events (two presentations and two conferences for developers, so they have time to prepare for the new products), so the preparation is carried out as the last time, writes Gazeta. At each event is announced or launched next “great product”, which defines not only a new vector of development for itself but also for the entire market.

The nearest event is the conference for developers WWDC 2015 will be held in less than a month (from 8 to 12 June 2015) and is traditionally held in the exhibition complex Moscone West in San Francisco.

Apple TV fourth generation

As the main product it experts expect Apple TV 4G, as it is here that Apple will need the help of app developers from around the world to utilize its full potential. The TV console will find three important changes: first, it must obtain its own streaming TV service with 25 channels, which will be a competitor to Netflix. By Apple’s partners in this endeavor will be ABC, CBS and Fox. The cost of the new service will be $40 per month.

The second feature is the possibility of connecting the console to the App Store and turning into a full gaming and multimedia home center. Third new functionality Apple TV will support HomeKit — library functions to connect to a unified smart home devices, like the Nest thermostat. This will allow you to collect the sensor data from the devices of the smart building system and managed not just using your iPhone and Siri, but with the help of Apple TV. To ensure these innovations, the console will update the A8 chip and will significantly increase the disk space. The first devices on the platform HomeKit will also need to present at WWDC.

Streaming service Apple Music

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The second important market segment where Apple is very desirable to tighten their positions, it’s streaming audio and iTunes. At WWDC 2015, the company must submit an updated Beats Music, which will turn into Apple Music. The company plans to draw attention to it by reducing the price by $2 compared to the “standard” price on the market and an extensive library of music tracks. For a month subscription will be $7,99 $9,99. In addition, Apple has implemented in their devices technical ability to play Hi-Res Audio, allowing us to use the Lightning connector for headphones. In iTunes appears the tracks of high quality 24-bit/96kHz (now there are only recording 16-bit/44.1 kHz).

iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

At WWDC 2015 developers will be provided with the following iOS version 9, but on iPhone and iPad it is, as before, will appear not earlier than September, along with new smartphones. Instead, on the stage of the Moscone West can announce the final release of iOS 8.4. An updated version of OS X 10.11 is expected to be a more stable version of Yosemite with extended integration with iCloud Drive.

12.9-inch iPad Pro

iPad, because of the deteriorating sales of tablets in the consumer market waiting for care in the business segment. Observers expect the release of the iPad Pro with a larger diagonal of 12.9 inches and a Suite of applications designed for the business segment. However, the exact characteristics of the future of the device remain unknown.

MacBook Pro and iMac on the Broadwell chips

It is also expected to release new models of monoblocks iMac and MacBook Pro. The updated 13-inch laptops with touchpads Force Touch, determining the effect of depression, the company had already submitted in March this year, but so far, the devices run on Intel processors. MacBook that will present in June, will have Intel Broadwell produced new technological process and different reduced compared with the current crystals power consumption at the same power.

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Also, the developers will get new data on the development of the payment system Apple Pay and the results of the application of the Apple Watch and apps under them mass user. This should help the practical applications of this device.

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