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What new products Apple is expected at the presentation on 27 October?

October 27, Apple will hold another event to launch new products. It is known that at the conference the company will present several new products, including a new MacBook Pro and updated MacBook Air.

It is unlikely that Apple will be making the presentation only for two of these products. Apart from laptops, the company can provide some other products. But about all under the order.

Updated MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is clearly not going to be the main theme of the presentation. Apple plans to introduce a firmware update ultrabooks, as well as to abandon the most compact MacBook Air with 11-inch to 12-inch MacBook.

MacBook Air will not get Retina display, but will move to the latest Intel processors and have USB ports a-C. in addition, they say about the disappearance and a proprietary connector for charging MagSafe. Like we saw in the 12-inch MacBook. It is hoped that the new MacBook Air will not at least one USB-C will remain a headphone Jack.

MacBook Pro new generation

The main product in the October presentation, Apple should be a new MacBook Pro which will be equipped with OLED touch-panel located above the keyboard. Touchscreen laptop will replace the top row of function keys: she will be instead of the row directly above the numeric keys.

The new MacBook Pro will receive fingerprint scanner Touch ID and USB ports-Thunderbolt 3. The latter, according to sources, will be four. The new “Proshka” will be even thinner and lighter. This will be achieved thanks to new display fixtures, metal parts which are manufactured by extrusion method, which allows to create parts of a very small size.

According to insiders, Apple will bring the MacBook Pro design the most significant changes over the past few years. The last “significant upgrade” Apple has abandoned the DVD drive, moved hard disk to SSD and increased resolution displays. It happened in 2012.


A year ago Apple introduced an updated 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. Monoblocks got Intel Core processors 6th generation, two ports Thunderbolt 2 and new storage options. Now, the company has prepared updates of the iMac Retina 5K.


Based on available data, the new iMacs will get Intel Kaby Lake, up to Core i7. Given the parameters of the first two generations, the focus should be on high-performance Quad-core models.

The amount of RAM in one of the configurations will be 32 GB, and as storage is used, the Fusion Drive capacity of 2 TB. Regardless of the configuration of the updated iMac will get two Thunderbolt 2 ports and Wi-Fi module 802.11 ac.

External 5K display

In the beginning of the summer brand monitor the Thunderbolt Display has disappeared from the Apple Store around the world. However, the company is ready to offer Mac users a modern model. Judging by the leaks, a feature of the next generation monitor will be the resolution of 5120×2880 pixels, and integrated graphics card.

Apple wants to make MacBook more thin, so the device can’t afford the luxury of productive graphics. Thanks to the integrated GPU brand 5K monitor will work with any models of laptops ranging from basic MacBook, ending with the top-end MacBook Pro.

The New Mac Pro

High-performance workstation Apple has long needed an upgrade. Currently, the Mac Pro line, which debuted in 2013, uses a family of server processors Intel Ivy Bridge EP behind the generation from that currently offers the chip maker.

Intel has launched a series of processors Broadwell EP. It’s time to upgrade the Mac Pro to a newer chip, promising even higher performance.


In September along with the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2, Apple showed the world a new AirPods wireless headphones, which, according to the plan, the company should make listening to music easy and comfortable.

Headset with Apple W1 transmits data wirelessly, reproduces high quality sound and work without recharging 5 hours. And with a wireless charging case, providing a few extra charge cycles, battery life up to 24 hours.

It is expected that the presentation on October 27 Apple will name the exact date of commencement of sales of AirPods.

One more thing…?

Strategy the legendary Steve jobs present “One more thing” (“another thing”) seems to have lost its relevance, at least in the case of the October special. A large number of leaks have already given a very clear idea of what the gadget will appear at the presentation of the headliner, and what products will receive the upgrade.

It is hoped the skills of Tim cook and his team, and also believe in the continuation of the traditions of the founder of Apple with a major surprise for dessert.

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