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What is the size of the front panel is occupied by the displays of smartphones: a comparison of 30 popular models

Many used to say that a modern smartphone display takes up the entire front panel. But actually it is not, and each cell can be different useful area of the screen. A Reddit user under the nickname LasseOlsen prepared the illustration, clearly showing how much space is occupied by the display on the front panel of the phone. It turned out that this parameter iPhone are in last place.

The leader in this list were released in the past year, Android device Sharp Aquos Crystal, the second place – Sharp Aquos Crystal 2. However, it seems that the author forgot the model Sharp Aquos Phone Xx 302SH, the display of which is 80,5% of the area of the front panel. Behind the solutions go from Sharp Oppo R7 Plus, Huawei P8 max and the Xiaomi Mi Note.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s are in last place with indicators 65,3% and 60.8% respectively. So the rumors about the transfer of Touch ID under the surface of the screen after some time can find its real expression in one of the new products.

As noted LasseOlsen, the scale of models in the illustration are not met, he made sure the displays were the same height, so the picture is not perfect in order to compare the dimensions of phones between them. Just a comparison was attended by 30 smartphones.

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