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What is the future of Apple computers

Despite the overall decline of the PC market, sales of Mac computers is growing. However, experts believe that Apple in the future is to abandon their production. What is the future for the Mac, tried to submit to <url>.

Five years ago, during the presentation of the first truly mass iPad Steve jobs announced that the mankind enters the era of “post-PC”. Apple CEO clearly hinted that for most users a massive personal computer is gradually becoming a vestige, as it replaced a much more compact and lightweight device.

And jobs, as always, was right. Starting from 2012, the sales of PCs and laptops has been steadily falling. However, paradoxically, sales of Mac computers only increase. In particular, in the second quarter of 2015 the growth of sales of devices operating system OS X (and it is only available on Apple computers) totaled 10%: the company sold 4.6 million units, up half a million more than in the same period last year.

In 2010, Apple CEO still stressed that the computers will remain, but compared them with the trucks is strictly professional tools that ordinary people can not become.

However, columnist The Wall Street Journal and fellow Massachusetts Institute of technology Christopher MIMS in the newspaper made a statement that Apple should abandon the Mac. According to him, this will allow the company to focus on developing more successful products. MIMS reminded that Mac sales accounted for just 9% of total revenue of the company. And while we’re talking about $6.9 billion, for Apple, this amount is negligible.

The expert also notes that large companies can’t focus for more than three adjacent directions. For Apple now is at the top of its development of the iPhone, a relatively new line of iPads and staying in the initial state of the Apple Watch. Mac in all, this concept does not fit, and these computers are still just show a growth on the back of the dying PC market.

However, the most logical would be not to completely abandon the Mac and reformat them under a purely utilitarian needs, while refusing from iPad. After all, the vast majority will use tablets for content consumption, but to create such devices are not suitable. As a result, the computer will become a work tool for developers.

But to make traditional computers, even for professional use, Apple is still not worth it. In the end, even the word “Computers” from the company name disappeared back in 2007.

Replaced the usual Mac can come expected for a long time iPad Pro.

At WWDC in early June, the company has already demonstrated the new operating system, iOS 9, which supports multi-window mode. And increased tablets with this operating system may well be a working tool. After all, even the classic iPad with bluetooth keyboard today replaces many of the laptop.

In addition, a new 12-inch MacBook in many ways is closer to tablets than computers. It all given for the sake of lightness, compactness and portability. And in General, nothing prevented Apple called it the iPad Pro, adding a touch screen and optimizing the operating system for touchscreen use.

In the future the company will be able to refuse from the use of OS X and completely migrate their users to the desktop version of the mobile operating system iOS.

Some professionals have already come to this. So, the developer Chris Harris is already writing code for iOS apps on the iOS, and even preparing their own platform to create similar apps with the iPhone and iPad.

At the same time, big Mac really risk becoming “trucks”, which at the time, said jobs. But they can be replaced by 25-inch iPad with plug-in keyboards and mice. In essence the difference is small, but it will be the iPad, not the Mac.

And thus, marked by jobs era “post-PC” would mean no waiver of computers, and their gradual transformation into new, more modern types of devices.

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