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What is the difference between the presentations of Steve jobs and Tim cook

Tim cook leads Apple for six years. During this time he has developed strategy presentations, which differs from the presentations of Steve jobs.

Unlike other companies, Apple presentations are interesting to watch, even if you are not going to buy another iPhone. Thanks to Steve jobs presentation about the Apple began to speak not only geeks, but also ordinary users who are not keen on technology. When Tim Cook presentation still memorable and talked-about, but only achieved it this way. We compared the presentation of Steve jobs and cook and decided to share their observations.


Steve jobs himself wrote the text for presentation and hours rehearsing the speech. However, he sought to control everything from slides to the smallest technical aspects. Presentation of the new device always stressful, especially when it is not ready. It happened with the first iPhone, which at the time of presentation was in development. The phone could then run applications only in a certain order, and the success of the first call from the scene of Joni Quince no one was sure. Employees remember that then went all. Jobs demanded the impossible, and workers is performed.

Writes Tim cook do his speech himself or not, nobody knows. But he, like jobs, responsibly presentations. When Steve Jobs was in a hall a few people. It was mainly the key employees of the company and some journalists. Tim cook was replaced by a small room at a mass hall, which is going more journalists and Apple employees.


Jobs are a lover of simplicity. When it is about complex technical characteristics is either not talked or chewed so that it was clear to all. Steve loved to lead the presentation alone, sometimes bringing in employees from other companies.

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Since the first presentation as Apple CEO Tim cook gives the keynote Apple employees and representatives of other companies. In the beginning he briefly talks about how cool the device is and how it is important for the company then invites the employee who tells in detail about a new feature. Every year the number of additional staff increases and the duration of the presentations is increased in 2-2,5 times.

Like jobs, Tim cook tells short and clear sentences, between which you can hear words of admiration, Amazing, Beautiful, Cool.

The end of the presentation

Steve started the tradition to talk about the new product at the end of the presentation. It begins with the words “One more thing”. This chip successfully took over Tim cook. If Cook has also become the normal speech of celebrities, for example, at the launch of iPhone 7 were made by Sia with her new songs.

Approaches to the management of presentations from Steve jobs and Tim cook are significantly different, but the common features are still there. The important thing is that the presentation of Apple are still waiting and watching them with interest.

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