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What is the difference between 3D Touch Force Touch and Multi-Touch

New iPhone 6s offers a fundamentally new way of interacting with the user interface — for the first time in its history Apple smartphone can distinguish the effect of depression on the display. Apple called this 3D Touch technology, reporting a whole new dimension to the handling device.

Users who are not too familiar with the technique of a company can easily confuse 3D Touch Force Touch and Multi-Touch. All these technologies are designed to simplify the interaction with electronic devices. Each has important differences.


The function of sensory systems input Multi-Touch provides simultaneous determination of the coordinates of two or more touch points. Apple introduced this technology along with the first iPhone in 2007. In the future, Multi-Touch has found application in iPad, iPod and other Apple devices. Multitouch is used in iOS and OS X to zoom image: by increasing the distance between the touch points is scaled. In addition, multi-touch surfaces allow to work with devices from multiple users at a time. Apple is confident that Multi-Touch has forever changed the way of interacting with devices.

Force Touch

Technology called Force Touch debuted in “smart” watch Apple Watch, and later appeared in the trackpad of MacBook and MacBook Pro. In order to allow users more freedom when handling the devices Apple has developed the touch sensitivity of the touch surface. The Apple Watch owners actively use this technology: pressing with force on the screen of a smart watch to display the context menu, which you can use, for example to mark or delete a letter in the Mail. If you have a Mac, can a little harder you press on the trackpad to fast rewind the video and control the speed by the pressure. Specialized software is able to transform a touchpad into a large button, the touch sensitivity and opens many new options for the use of mobile devices.

3D Touch

Apple calls the 3D Touch technology implemented in the latest iPhone 6s, new generation Multi-Touch. It opens up special opportunities to work with electronics. 3D Touch, as Force Touch, allows to distinguish the pressure on the display, but it supports several gradations effort that makes many functions quicker and more convenient. In addition to such familiar Multi-Touch gestures like tap, swipe, pinch and pinch, the 3D Touch technology allows you to use the Peek and Pop. In particular, if you tap on a letter, Peek will show the preview, and if you press stronger function will Pop it open. Apple says that it’s “a whole new dimension to work with iPhone”. The phone responds to every gesture a slight tactile response through the use of the drive called the taptic Engine.

3D Touch and Force Touch similar. In fact, the first is a further development of the second technology. Testing the function on the Apple Watch, the company has offered its improved implementation in its main product – the iPhone. Multi-Touch supports touch, swipe, and gesture information, and fingers apart. Force Touch is able to recognize touches, swipes, information, and fingers apart, as well as soft touch. 3D Touch supports all these gestures, and determines the touch of the display with the additional stress.

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