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What is common between X iPhone and smart glasses Apple

Unusual GIF created by Leo Costa shows how iPhone X can evolve into a “smart” AR glasses Apple.

This concept Leo loaded in the app for 3D sketching “uMake” for the iPad. Judging by the GIF, he was placed in the TrueDepth glasses-camera that is currently present in iPhone X. With its sensors for recognition of 3D objects, it can be the basis of “smart” points to Apple augmented reality.

Augmented reality, or augmented reality (AR) adds to the real world with virtual objects. As recently pointed out by Paul Canetti, the designer, the Creator of the “Stream” app and MAZ, AR like “photoshop for the world.” Therefore, the installation TrueDepth camera in the glasses makes sense because they will have to constantly monitor what is happening around you and analyze the information.

About smart glasses Apple rumors for over a year. The company has laid a Foundation for them in June 2017, with the announcement of ARKit, which appeared in iOS 11. And later, with the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus chip A11 Bionic, which improves the performance of AR, Apple has taken another step to create AR glasses.

Apple is not the only company working on augmented fulfilled. Snapchat uses AR to the popular features of “Masks”, which imposes different effects on behalf of users. Microsoft creates AR-helmet — HoloLens, already available to developers. And Magic Leap — the company, in October of 2017 gathered 502 million US dollars to create your glasses with augmented reality.

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