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What if Siri stopped recognizing Commands

06.12.2018 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

Some iOS users began to report problems with access to commands Siri – a voice assistant they simply do not recognize. Apple has not yet commented on the situation, but we have a workaround.


Today, December 6, users have started to discuss on Twitter a problem with the labels Siri which voice assistant didn’t recognize the created command. That is, referring to Siri to run the command, using a preset phrase, a voice assistant answers as if label does not exist.

One of the users said that faced with the problem yesterday, assuming that it is unrelated to the iOS update or a new version of the “Team.”

It is worth noting that the problem does not affect the labels Siri created through third-party applications.


Most likely, Apple will resolve the problem on the server side, which handles the command Siri, but while the company has not given any comments.

If you are faced with this problem, go to the app Commands , and rewrite the phrase Siri for label. This solution is a “workaround” and result health can not be guaranteed, but many users have fixed the problem by this method.



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