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What If: Apple gadgets that never saw the light #2

From Apple for 40 years, has accumulated a variety of devices and technologies that have been developed but have not reached the masses. Remember the 5 gadgets that never “shot”.

1. PenLite

Apple went a long way to the release of Apple’s Pencil. Twenty years ago, Peru for Macintosh PowerBook Duo is not in the cards. The reason is simple — it was developed simultaneously with Newton, which was described in the previous issue. PDAs were supplied with your pen, and Apple decided not to bring too many gadgets with touch screens and styli. People were not yet ready.

2. eMate 300

Before the revival in 1997, Apple released the mini laptop eMate 300. It was a budget portable computer with a touch screen and all the same bad sold Apple Newton OS on the inside. Hardware: CPU with a frequency of 25 MHz black-and-white screen with a diagonal of 6.8 inches at a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, 1 MB RAM and 2 MB of internal memory. The computer was designed to set and edit text, and create thumbnails. All of this company was estimated at 799 dollars and tried to sell to educational institutions.


But schools and universities in 1997 was cheaper to buy a full desktop computer based on Windows 95 than to buy “the typewriter” from Apple. Production eMate 300 is turned with the return of Steve jobs, and all the forces thrown at the development of the iMac. And for good reason.

3. Technology ClickWheel iPhone

Several Apple employees during the development of the iPhone 2G for fun I decided to combine a smartphone with an iPod interface and see what happens. However, no one was even seriously proposed such an option. However, in the process of creating a legendary phone indeed flashed ideas iPhone style iPod — in particular, the circular dialer.

Here is what about this Fadell, the Creator of iPod and iPhone:

“We tried everything. Tried to make small buttons on the steering wheel. But nothing worked, in the end spent 3 to 5 weeks to waste”.

Good thing it was only a joke.

4. Mac mini with dock for iPod

There’s a rare prototype of the Mac mini first-generation with docking station for iPod mini second generation. It is noteworthy that the first Mac mini was announced a month and a half earlier than the second version of the iPod mini. It is reported that the product never saw the light of day because Apple did not want to release the computer from the docking station not yet released the player. It was just one of the prototypes, which was invented by engineers, but has slashed marketers. It is understandable why.

5. Bluetooth headset for iPhone 2G

Now few people remember, but after the presentation of the first iPhone, the market received a wireless headset for him.

Had the opportunity to purchase a special dock to simultaneously charge a smartphone and managermemory.

And even a special “camp” charging for two devices.

But, because of poor sales, the project is rejected and the range of an Apple Store filled with similar products from other brands.

To wireless Apple AirPods was still 9 years…

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