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What hackers and cops hate iOS 11.4.1

No sooner had Apple to release iOS 11.4.1 how hackers smartphones on both sides of the law have disliked some of the innovations that appeared with the release.

The main change concerns the work of the Lightning port. Connector becomes inactive if the device was not unlocked with passcode within the last hour. This complicates the process of hacking smartphone for criminals and for police officers.

The purpose of innovation is to protect the user’s privacy.

“If you have not already unlocked the password-protected iOS device or have not activated the device and it was connected to USB accessories in the last hour, your iOS device will not communicate with the accessory or computer, and in some cases, there will be no charge. You can see the warning with a request to unlock the device to permit connections,” warns Apple on possible inconveniences.

The representatives of the Corporation reported that the update should not affect charging via the Lightning port in most cases. The user does not have to enter a password every hour to properly fill the battery. However, some devices may not work with aftermarket wires.

Limitations in the work of the Lightning port is easy to disable. Just go to “Settings”/”Face ID or Touch ID and passcode”, enter the password, and move the slider “USB accessories”, located at the bottom of the list. By default, this option is disabled. When activated, the iPhone becomes more vulnerable to hacking.

Apple engineers were forced to develop such functions after companies like GrayKay found a way to circumvent the restrictions the manufacturer and started selling the devices-be burglars at a price of $ 15,000 law enforcement agencies. IOS changes 11.4.1 should seriously hamper the work of these gadgets. Although the GrayKay claim that they will be able to find the right password to any smart phone and within hours.

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