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What do you think about the new features in iOS 11? [poll]

The new operating system iOS 11 is available as a first beta for the past two weeks. The company announced the release at the WWDC in June 2017.

Installing the beta version, you may experience reduced performance, rapid discharge of the battery and unstable device operation. But the upgrade offers hundreds of new features.

Many innovations designed specifically for the iPad. For example, the new dock, drag and drop feature, QuickType keyboard, an improved Split View mode, new features Apple Pencil and more.

Apple is positioning the iPad Pro as a replacement to a traditional computer. Software changes in iOS 11 are designed to extend the functionality of devices and to attract more users to tablets. Last week MacDigger conducted a survey among the readers. 26% of respondents believe that 11 iOS brought the iPad to completely replace a computer. While 42% still pay attention to software limitations of IOS.

On iPhone the update brought a redesigned control center, an updated App Store interface, new animations, enhanced features in the “Health,” updated apps “Podcasts” and “Messages” smart color inversion.

iOS 11 beta has too many errors and malfunctions. Users interested in new features, better wait for the stable firmware. This week it is expected the beta version of the operating system, and by the end of the month — public test build.

What do you think about the new features in iOS 11, except for the usual beta problems?

What do you think about iOS 11, if not the mistakes of the beta version?

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