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What do you expect from the new Apple Watch 2?

Despite expectations, the second generation Apple Watch was presented in June at the worldwide developers conference WWDC 2016. According to the latest rumors, the debut of the gadget will be held in early September along with the announcement of new generation iPhone. We have compiled a list of features that are expected in the updated wearable computer Apple.

Apple calls the number of units sold Apple Watch, so you can judge the popularity of new items you can only by circumstantial evidence. Analysts say the numbers from 11 to 13 million sold copies of and indicate a high level of customer satisfaction. However, the number of sales of Apple Watch is much less than the number of compatible smartphones in the hands of users. Apple is ready to offer the device in the second generation that will allow to increase sales?

Despite the fact that Apple Watch 2 needs to obtain a GPS sensor for location tracking and movement of the user to use most other functions still need to be iPhone. They say that the cupertinos were going to equip the new Apple Watch a full cell chip, the device can work completely independently, but this decision had to be postponed until better times.

The ultimate goal of Apple is to split the Apple Watch and the iPhone, but so far everything points to the fact that the experience of use of the new generation will not be much different from what we’ve seen before.

Of course, the Apple Watch pleased with their features and polls show the highest level of customer satisfaction. However, Apple is where to develop the device. The following is a list of how the company could improve its electronic bracelet.

  • A slimmer body.
  • Model with case in 46 mm for fans of large watches.
  • The round dial.
  • Faster processor Apple S2.
  • More capacious battery.
  • GPS-module.
  • Module of cellular networks.
  • Additional sensors to monitor health.
  • Feature always-on display.
  • New materials: titanium, platinum and others.
  • New models straps..
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And have you already decided what you want from the new Apple Watch? If you have decided to make a list of the required functions for smart hours Apple, which would have included?

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