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What do you expect from the Apple Watch Series 3?

Apple was not the first manufacturer on the market of “smart” hours, but the release of the Apple Watch over a year ago was a signal that the gadgets in this category it is time to take seriously, not only as a toy for geeks. The company from Cupertino was able to meet the challenges of the technical and aesthetic properties that were for companies previously tried their hands in this case.

Apple made a very educated decision, abandoning the attempt to fit all the controls on a tiny screen. Instead, many of the functions of the operating system interface watchOS controlled by the rotation of the mechanical scroll wheel and a touch screen. In this design, dimensions, body structure and the method of attachment of interchangeable straps also distanced himself from the Apple Watch smartwatch, which appeared earlier.

Nevertheless, the first experience of Apple in the smart-hours left the impression that the technological base in 2015, there was hardly prepared for such a task. Apple probably did everything they could, with the processor Apple S1, produced on 28 nm process technology, but in order to fully correct problems with the OS performance and prolong the battery life, obviously had to wait for CPU, made by a more advanced technological norm. Opportunities and, for all its advantages, the interface watchOS also required improvements.

In the end, acquainted with the Apple Watch first generation, it was safe to assume that the next model will be much better. It just happened. Apple Watch 2 Series is a timely and comprehensive update to fix those flaws, which could encourage potential owners one of the first models to postpone the decision until next year. Dual-core a chip Apple S2 and increased battery significantly influenced the responsiveness of the OS interface and battery operation. Sports enthusiasts and active lifestyles pleased with the waterproof case and GPS support.

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As a result, iPhone owners who like the idea of a smartwatch as such, there are no more serious reasons for having to wait for the next model of the Apple Watch. However, the developers in Cupertino still have to develop a wearable wrist device. The following is a list of how Apple could improve brand electronic bracelet.

  • Feature always-on display.
  • A slimmer body.
  • Model with case in 46 mm for those who prefer a large watch.
  • A next-generation processor Apple S3.
  • More capacious battery.
  • The cellular module.
  • Additional sensors to monitor health.
  • Feature always-on display.
  • New materials: titanium, platinum and others.
  • New models straps.
  • The round dial.

And have you already decided what you want from the Apple Watch third generation? If you have decided to make a list of the required functions for “smart” watches Apple Watch Series 3, which would have included?

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