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What do you expect from iOS 11?

In iOS 10 there are many things that disgruntled owners of the iPhone and iPad, and that Apple should change in iOS 11. The company will introduce a new mobile platform in June at WWDC 2017. Many are waiting for Apple’s new breakthrough features and fix the flaws of the OS.

Hardly anyone doubts that the appearance of new revolutionary gadgets behind or ahead, now devices of the same class have largely similar specifications, therefore, the main competitive struggle is unfolding between operating systems. And if you look at the current state of the industry from this side, the view of the new OS for Apple devices may well rival in importance even with the new generation iPhone.

It is expected that the most massive OS update Apple will carry as many improvements and innovations that their descriptions would be enough for a separate article. It is replete with every revision of iOS. Presented last summer, iOS 10 has an improved control Point with a separate window dedicated to the music and smart home management, extended controls library of images and improved Maps.

Abilities were enhanced Siri, improved 3D functionality Touch, and the most significant changes made in the app “Messages”. In addition, in iOS 10 introduced the ability to share notes and ability to split the iPad screen for simultaneous viewing in the Safari browser two web pages.

What to expect from iOS 11? Now it is impossible to say for sure what innovations will be implemented in the next OS. Obviously, not without changes at the user interface level. Many would agree that the home screen iOS is quite outdated. We are looking at the same icons, the same style for many years, so Apple may refresh the interface of its mobile OS.

Expect fundamentally new features which will have to disclose the hardware capabilities of current and future devices. It is not excluded that there will be an updated mode control with one hand, more convenient way of switching applications, the new functions of control and notification Center.

Obviously the iPad needs a separate version of the operating system, not “enhanced” iOS, which does not allow the full potential of the big screen. Because of the current limitations of the iPad still can’t replace the computer, so what Apple wants. In addition, on the iPad there is still no application “Calculator” and “Weather”.

Now it is impossible to say what Apple will introduce in iOS 11. However, companies will definitely have where to develop a mobile platform. The following is a list of what Apple could add to iOS:

  • New pie interface in the style of Apple Watch.
  • The black theme.
  • The choice of default application.
  • New control mode with one hand for the larger iPhone.
  • Lock access to specific applications.
  • The new 3D Touch.
  • Two-window mode for apps on the iPhone.
  • Unlimited storage in iCloud photos and videos.
  • Free backups in iCloud.
  • Animated icons.
  • Group FaceTime calls.
  • Flexible configuration control.
  • A special version of iOS for the 12.9-inch iPad.
  • Live Wallpaper on the home screen.

And have you already decided what you want from iOS 11? If you have decided to make a list of the required functions for the new OSes, which would have included?

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