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What do you expect from AirPods second generation?

Apple AirPods wireless headphones, which debuted late last year, outperform their competitors. “Apple” product is not only cheaper than similar models from other manufacturers, but much more practical and better in terms of sound quality.

In-ear headphones, devoid of a wired connection existed on the market before the release of AirPods. But wireless devices Apple has reignited interest in this category of devices. The cost of a wireless headset in Russia is 11 990 rubles, and the package includes a special cover, which is a portable dock for the device, as well as Lightning cable.

By themselves, the AirPods are highly functional and convenient device. To connect the gadget to the iPhone no need to press anything to switch, and perform other senseless acts. It is sufficient to unlock the phone and hold it to the outdoor device case your battery. All headphones are now fully ready for use and will connect to all devices with an Apple ID automatically.

It’s a finished product where all the promised functions work like clockwork, so there’s a sense that Apple hastily released a gadget that had some sort of wireless headset for iPhone 7. Headphones will appeal to those who have been delighted with the EarPods, their sound and ease of use. Also they are perfectly suited to motorists and athletes, as each earpiece can be used separately as a headset. And indeed all those who are looking for the perfect headphones for the Apple ecosystem.

AirPods are some of the best wireless headphones on the market and a continuing scarcity of this only confirms. However, Apple is where to develop proprietary headset. The following is a list of how the company could improve AirPods second generation.

  • Gesture support for pause and volume controls.
  • Built-in hard drive for offline use.
  • Option in the color “black onyx”.
  • Version (PRODUCT) RED.
  • Updated the design.
  • USB type-C instead of Lightning.
  • Interchangeable inserts of different sizes.
  • Offline Siri.
  • A higher degree of isolation from external noise.
  • Improved support for Apple TV.
  • Price.

And you wonder, what features would like to see in the AirPods? If you decide to make a list of necessary improvements for the second generation headphones, which would have included?

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