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What are the features of Samsung Galaxy S8 you want to see in anniversary iPhone 8? [poll]

On Wednesday Samsung announced its new flagship smartphone Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+. Surprisingly, many innovations in these devices often was involved in the leaks about the iPhone 8. Of course, the Galaxy S8 – that’s not what you need real connoisseurs of Apple products, but this announcement could prepare us for the fact that the company will present in September.

Samsung smartphones can boast display “edge to edge” technology to identify users in the face, upgraded voice assistant. According to rumors, Apple is actively working in these areas, working on radically new flagship sample of 2017.

It is expected that iPhone 8, like Galaxy S8 will receive support wireless charging technology, which will allow you to charge device at a distance of several meters. “Limitless” display has become one of the main features of Samsung. The space freed by eliminating buttons, now occupied by the screen, and change the aspect ratio, was the only way to make it painless. A similar solution expects users of the iPhone 8.

Galaxy S8 supports the identification of individuals users, as a kind of analogue of the “revolutionary” front-facing camera in the iPhone 8.

Finally, special attention is paid to the Samsung virtual assistant Bixby with a deeper integration into the operating system. It’s probably not even an assistant, and a new interface for everyday interaction with your smartphone. In the anniversary of the iPhone is expected Apple will also introduce an improved version of Siri.

The Galaxy S8 a lot of competitors on the market, but compared to many of them the new Samsung looks very confident. From a technical point of view, iPhone 7 Plus inferior to the Koreans on a number of aspects, but the device boasts a convenient and safe operating system, top-end performance and dual camera with portrait mode shooting.

We became curious, which features are the Galaxy S8 Apple could put in their anniversary iPhone 8. What do you think?

What are the features of Samsung Galaxy S8 would you like to see in iPhone 8?

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