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Western Digital introduced its first SSD WD Green and WD Blue

Western Digital has introduced the SSD is the first SSD with SATA WD branded. The series launched just two families of solid state drives: WD Green and WD Blue.

According to the manufacturer, WD Blue and WD Green are suitable for use in self-Assembly of a personal computer and upgrade the existing system.

The WD Green line is a lower level in the marketing and positioning is only provided in two volumes: 120 and 240 GB. Speed characteristics declared equal to 540 MB/s for reads and 430-465 MB on records. Level of performance is 37 000 IOPS for reading and 63-68 of thousands of IOPS on the record in the case melkoplodnyj operations with random access. The resource is assumed to be equal to 40 and 80 TB of recorded data.

Line WD Blue is positioned as a high-performance solution and is different from the WD Green in a big way almost all indicators: volumes 250, 500 and 1000 GB, up 540-545 MB/s for read and up to 500-525 MB/with on record, to 97-100 thousand IOPS on random read and melloblocco to 79-80 thousand IOPS on record. A resource declared equal to 100, 200 and 400 TB of recorded data depending on the amount of drive.

For all that the company does not provide any data on the hardware platform innovations. SSD WD Blue and WD Green includes a 3-year limited warranty.

Package includes WD SSD Dashboard application for monitoring the performance and available capacity.

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