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Went public tvOS 11.3 beta 1

The day after the release of the first beta tvOS 11.3 for developers, Apple introduced a similar build for public testing.

It can be installed only on the fourth-generation Apple TV or Apple TV 4K. One of the main innovations was AirPlay support 2. In its current form, it allows you to stream music and other content with devices running iOS 11.3, several Apple TV.

According to the description, the release includes bug fixes, security improvements and the following new features:

  • A number of improvements to Match the Content.
  • Auto switch frame rate on Apple TV the fourth generation.
  • Automatic mode switching.

In addition, added the following:

  • The restriction of music and books with erotic content.
  • The limitation of the apps, movies and TV shows by rating.
  • The option to skip the Privacy settings.
  • The option to skip setup “Where is the Apple TV”.
  • The restriction to manage only specific iOS devices.
  • The ability to update the app in Single App.

Apple TV is now displayed in the Home in tvOS iOS 11.3 and 11.3 and, most likely, will be able to serve for remote access to HomeKit.

Now the device will be able to adjust the frequency of the image frame under the original frame rate of the video, which is very useful for films with a speed of 24 frames per second.

To install the new beta version for Apple TV, you need to open settings of the device and in the submenu “Update” allow the installation of the public test versions of the system.

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