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Welltory: application for measuring stress and increasing productivity

Most people today live in constant stress. But long-term stress is often the cause of disease and loss of productivity, so the balance between stress and recovery is very important. To monitor the level of stress and energy will help the app for smartphones and tablets Welltory.

Immediately after starting Welltory offers create your profile and enter the necessary data, which are also considered in the analysis of the condition of the body: gender, height, weight and age. If you are using popular models of smart-watches or fitness bracelets, most likely, the app will be compatible with them. There is full integration with Apple Health and Google Fit.

The main objective is to see the relationship between different types of data (physical activity, sleep, nutrition, productivity, weather, etc.) and your well-being.

The program interface is intuitive and easy to use. At the bottom is a button to measure the level of stress and energy. The application proposes to use the flash of your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled heart monitor that attaches to the ear. Of course, in the second case, data will be more accurate.

The app looks like dilate your blood vessels and analyzes the time between beats of your heart with algorithms of heart rate variability, which have long been used in space medicine and professional sports. After the measurement Welltory shows the result, together with tips and a small survey. It is noteworthy that directly while using the application, you can chat with a personal analyst.

In the lower left corner is a button “History”, where you can view all the results of the measurements.

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Under the “More” button is the chat, which was mentioned above. Here you can get expert advice. According to the developers, analysts respond during the day.

If you regularly use Welltory, the program will prevent diseases before they develop, will help you to understand which sport to choose how to raise their own productivity, and more.

Welltory not a lot of “chips”, but its main task to cope with one hundred percent. If you often feel tired and irritable, the application will help to reduce stress levels and restore productivity.

Download Welltory for iPhone at this link
Download Welltory for Android at this link

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