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“Weather forecast up to the house”: Yandex has presented a new application Yandex.Weather for iPhone

Yandex has released a new application Yandex.Weather, based on the technology of weather forecast Medium. The technology is based on machine learning and allows building point forecast: it is possible to learn, what weather will be in each area of the city and next to each individual home.

To calculate the forecast uses weather station data and data from other sources, indirectly points to the atmosphere — about 9 TB of information every day. The initial data Medium processes using traditional meteomedia, with intermediate results of work using machine learning technology Matriksnet. This combined approach eliminates the need to reproduce and so are known the laws of nature and concentrates the power of machine learning to Refine existing models and take into account local peculiarities. To improve the accuracy of Medium constantly compares its forecast with the actual weather — more than 140,000 times a day.

Each time the user accesses the service, the forecast is built again. Yandex.Weather determines where the person is, and shows the last weather forecast for that place. If you want you can choose another place and time — and to see what the weather will be in an hour around the office or in the evening in the Park. On the forecast wrong you can complain in the future this will make it more accurate.

“People know from their own experience that all forecasts are wrong. The fact is that predicting the weather is a really difficult task. For example, we can say that the forecast must consider, including solar radiation, thermal radiation from the soil and phase transitions of water vapor. Current models describing the weather, extremely complicated — hundreds of thousands of lines of code and huge supercomputers. However, they too can make mistakes, — says the head of the group of meteorologische Dmitry Solomentsev. — In scientific literature has long discussed the possibility of using machine learning in meteorology. The new medium and Yandex.Weather — our first step in this direction.”

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While technology Medium is in beta-testing. A new forecast is available in 36 regions of Russia, in the future, geography will expand.

Download Yandex.Weather for iPhone at this link.

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