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Wearable controller Tap turns any surface into a keyboard [video]

Tap Systems has announced perhaps the most unusual Bluetooth keyboard for mobile devices. In order to take advantage of innovation it must be worn on the fingers, and then type your message on any surface.

The manipulator is called Tap has a very unusual shape, appearance and method of fixing reminiscent of brass knuckles. However, in this case it is especially innocuous, because it is made of soft material and has a small mass.

The owner of a Bluetooth controller to use it you need to include fantasy, imagining as if he was typing on the virtual keyboard. The various gestures are responsible for certain letters, numbers and special characters when you tap five fingers on the computer reproduces the vowels, and combinations of movements, consonants.

Flexible manipulator is able to recognize up to 31 gesture-pressing and locking the movement of each finger, and the app turns them into a command to the connected Bluetooth device.

Tap is equipped with a built-in battery, capacity which is enough for four hours of operation with active use and 72 hours in standby mode.

According to the developers, the app TapGenius allows you to get comfortable with the ergonomic features of the device in about 1 hour. Beta testing of the product should begin in the next couple of months. In case of success of the Tap project launch could take place this year.

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