We watched "Terrible (no!) Stories for a story in the dark" Guillermo del Toro

Someone might have missed the coolest premiere of this wonderful horror movie, but not us! And while everyone is discussing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we are in a hurry to share our review of one of the most extraordinary horror films of 2019.

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I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a few different thoughts!

Sergey Kuzmin

July 29, 2019

Quiet horror

Guillermo del Toro has always been famous for its peculiar approach to cinema. The gloom and atmosphere of his films each time at the same time amazed and frightened. And everyone who was even a little familiar with his work, for sure, noticed this unique bias in mythology. And his insects? Oh yes, del Toro in his every movie loved to spotlight a couple of the most diverse insects.

In the new film, repeatedly meet the director's signature

The film “Terrible stories” turned out to be a worthy heir to the work of the Mexican director. At least because of his colleague Andre Ovredal, who gave us the magnificent "Demon inside." At its core, “stories” is the same “Horror” dilogy, but only from a more realistic point of view. We have the most typical group of teenagers, you could observe it in “Very Strange Things”, that in “It”. The story about the guys is simple and straightforward, but it all comes down to one thing: a mysterious book that can kill.

Local kids quickly realize that there is no place to wait for help, which means that we need to act on our own. Here we note a very strange borrowing from the same “Very Strange Things” and “It”, which is directly confirmed by a number of Easter eggs. And the general atmosphere of that era is masterfully conveyed in the best traditions of twin projects.

Only this time we don’t have the Inside Out with the demogorgons or the Clown Killer. In the piggy bank of the film a whole sea of ​​various monsters, screamers, pleasing to the cry. Therefore, it is precisely such a diverse local zoo, multiplied by the principle of storytelling, that turns the film into a direct film adaptation of uncomplicated children's horror stories. Each of us heard about such in childhood. It is in this vein that you should consider this tape. And not a bit more.

Scarecrow – the perfect monster forgotten in the distant horror of the 90s

Scary and beautiful

The film is not crammed with unexpected twists, and the ending of the tape will not seem original and unpredictable to you. But that doesn’t spoil the tape at all. Throughout the viewing, you will be endlessly dipped into the world of screamers and mystics of Ovredal and del Toro. Of course, not all scarecrows will act on you properly, but we will give tribute to their implementation! Grimm and the mechanics of the behavior of monsters are transmitted perfectly!

The film is worth the time spent if you are a true connoisseur of such extraordinary horror

“Scary stories for a story in the dark” is definitely worth a look for all fans of this genre. Many are tired of endless stories of the Warren family and the equally streaming content of James Van. Everyone wants something extraordinary.

Therefore, it is in this vein of the history of Guillermo del Toro that they look bold, fresh and scary. However, for true connoisseurs of the horror genre, this film will be nothing more than a set of clichés and predictable screamers, and what will happen in the finale, you can already guess at the twentieth minute of the picture.

It is for this simple reason that the closest competitor in the person of “It 2” can overshadow this summer premiere, which no one will remember even after the clown’s return. It's a pity.

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