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We have released a new version of Angry Birds, developed by NASA experts

Finnish Rovio announced a big update for the game project Angry Birds Space. It appeared to the characters created in conjunction with specialists from NASA, and the number of levels is increased by 15. The meaning of the game remains the same: users need to help the birds cope with the pigs stealing the eggs.

Angry Birds Space: Solar System differs from the previous version with an abundance of information about our solar system. As with the original parts in it, the same rules of interaction between birds, planets, asteroids and other space objects.

“We are confident that Angry Birds Space will appeal to gamers who are long gone original game and other games in the series. The result of our collaboration was fascinating. And, of course, we tried to release the game by the time New Horizons nears Pluto,” said David weaver, a specialist in public relations for NASA.

Rovio is promoting Angry Birds Space in a joint effort with the National Agency for Aeronautics and space research USA. The company tells the players about what is space physics and that the usual laws of nature in space are completely different.

In addition to the 15 new levels you can now watch videos created by experts from space agencies, to learn something new about the Solar system and even touch to Pluto. According to the Vice-President of Rovio on educational projects Sanna, Sukandar, the company spent a lot of time to make the educational process more fun.

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