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WatchPad: app for making calls with the Apple Watch, any number

Owners of the Apple Watch, likely have noticed the main drawback associated with telephone calls – the lack of mobile dialer for dialing. Developer Samuel Funaro created stronghold WatchPad, which aims at the solution of this problem.

Purchase the Apple Watch means virtually inseparable life with the “Apple” smartphone. When the iPhone is near your smart watch, the device allows you to work with mobile applications: to view the weather, send messages, find out current quotations. If your smartphone received a call that the Apple Watch act as a headset for hands-free calling. You can initiate and return calls from the smart watch, as well as send SMS.

The WatchPad application integrates into the operating system of the Apple Watch, establishing the connection with the iPhone when making calls. In the window watchOS applications are standard numbers 0 to 9 for dialing a telephone number and button “Call” and “Delete”.

The current implementation of the operating system watchOS provides the ability to take iPhone calls and to place calls to numbers from your address book and favorites, select the desired user from a separate menu. WatchPad allows you to make calls to any number, even those subscribers that are not in your iPhone.

Release WatchPad took place this week. In its current form the app has several limitations, in particular related to the use of the symbols “#” and “*”. The cost of the program at the new rate is 75 rubles.

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