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watchOS 4.3 back function that is lost in the past year

The new beta version 4.3 watchOS back feature users browse your music library iPhone.

In September 2017 Apple for unknown reasons has removed this “feature” with the public launch of watchOS 4. The preview tracks were restricted to those that have been synchronized or stored on the watch. The situation improved when third generation Watch cell module has received support for streaming Apple Music service. Despite this, some owners of gadgets still lacked the ability to view your library iPhone.

In the description of the firmware release watchOS 4.3 beta 1 was not told about any significant innovations. However, the developers have managed to identify some. One of them was managing the music library of the phone. Users with hours can change tracks on the iPhone, delete them, mark or transmit audio via AirPlay.

In previous versions of the firmware, for example watchOS 3, users can search for songs on a connected iPhone. For this I had to select it as the source in the application on the clock. It was an essential feature, especially given the limited storage on the Apple Watch.

The developers profile in the Apple Developer Center can download a new version of the system with the help of Apple Watch application for the iPhone. For this you need to switch it in the menu “Main – Update”. In the range of hours needs to be connected iPhone.

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