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watchOS 2 beta 5 available for download

Simultaneously with iOS 9 beta 5 Apple seeded the fifth beta of the operating system watchOS 2.0 enables developers to create native Apple Watch apps. The update is available on the official dev portal Apple.

With the release of this update, developers can use the tools to create native programs. Apple believe that one of the main areas that will change with the release of its own apps for the Apple Watch, will be for sports and other similar services. For example, you can set hours a goal is to burn 300 calories, then start exercising. To achieve the purpose of the watch will alert the owner.

Apple has heard the requests of developers and opened in watchOS 2 access to key features of the Apple Watch: microphone, speakers, heart rate monitor, called the taptic Engine, Digital Crown, HealthKit and HomeKit. Another innovation is the ability to view on the watch videos. This can hardly be called high-valued function, given the size and format of the display, but in certain situations can be useful.

In order to establish the fifth beta of watchOS 2.0 on the Apple Watch, you must download an updated configuration file, SDK iOS 9, iOS 9 beta. Before flashing hours needed to “fill up” on the iPhone fifth beta release of the new mobile OS.

Assembly watchOS 2.0 beta 5 is available on the developers website, the final release of the new platform is scheduled for September of this year.

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