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watchOS 2: all the new features of firmware for Apple Watch [video]

“Smart” watch Apple Watch, according to analysts, has sold nearly 7 million copies. It is more than able to sell any other manufacturer in the same period of time. Today Apple released the second generation of the operating system watchOS, designed to make the product more popular among users.

One of the main problems of the Apple Watch was the lack of native applications. Before the release of watchOS 2.0 all programs are processed on the phone and the watch performed only by an external control module and data display. But during the announcement, Apple promised that your hours will appear in the future. Now, after the release of the new edition of watchOS, applications for smart watches will become more functional, increase the speed of their work.

On the home screen of the Apple Watch is now allowed to set their own Wallpapers – you can use any image from the library. An important feature watchOS 2 is the support of security technologies Activation Lock protecting the device from theft. Time Travel allows you to view upcoming events and weather forecast with wheel Digital Crown.

With the release of the final version of watchOS 2 users now have the ability to reply to emails directly from the watch, and view on your device screen videos. The usefulness of the latest “innovations”, given the size and display format, it is highly questionable, but in certain circumstances you may have. A special mode is designed to turn your smart watch set for charging, night alarm clock.

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