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watch OS 4 beta 3 for the Apple Watch, is now available for download

Developers registered in the official Apple Developer program can download watch OS 4 beta 3 for the Apple Watch.

watchOS – not the most popular operating system Apple, but this OS is used in the most popular in the world of wearable device. It is therefore important that the company regularly updated the system, added new features and capabilities.

WatchOS 4 brings some important new features and improvements. With this update Apple Watch even more help in training, better preferences in music and participate more fully in daily Affairs. Should wear a watch early in the day and they will begin to send notifications about the progress.

In the new OS, you can quickly switch between types of training, and when the user starts a workout, Apple Watch automatically enable “do Not disturb”. In the Music app there is the option of automatic synchronization of playlists. The new “smart” Siri dial displays important information exactly when it is needed.

Apple made watchOS 4 more interactive and appealing to third party developers. The operating system has a new background modes of operation, access to Bluetooth and function of the Water Lock.

The third beta version of watch OS 4 is available to all registered developers on the website The official launch of the platform scheduled for autumn this year.

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