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watch OS 4 beta 2 and tvOS 11 beta 2 became available for download

Along with iOS 11 beta 2 and macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 2 became available update watch OS 4 beta 2 and tvOS 11 beta 2. Firmware can be uploaded by owners of Apple Watch and Apple TV registered Apple developer.

The beta assemblies are numbered as follows:

  • watch OS 4 beta 2 (15R5307f)
  • tvOS 11 beta 2 (15J5310e)

watch OS 4 beta 2

watch OS 4 beta 2 – new preview build of the operating system for the Apple Watch with a dial, Siri, which foresees important information and shows it throughout the day, as well as personal tips on the activity and new music functions. The update includes improved app “Training” and a new platform GymKit with unique technology, which synchronizes training with cardio equipment.

Download watch OS 4 beta 2 traditionally you can use app Watch on your paired iPhone. In order to install the OS requires that the smartphone runs iOS 11.

tvOS 11 beta 2

With the release of tvOS 11, the developers have announced the expansion of the capabilities of the software and support Amazon. The new version of the operating system for Apple TV reportedly “allows a completely new way to interact with TV”.

One of the innovations tvOS 11 is the ability to automatically connect AirPods headphones to Apple TV. This means that the user can hear the sound coming from Apple TV, not through the TV speakers, and through the AirPods.

Download profile for installation tvOS 11 beta 2 on the site

It is worth remembering that watch OS 4 beta 2 and tvOS 11 beta 2 can be unstable and result in various problems. Before installing pre-release builds on the smart watch or TV console you should make a backup.

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