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WarFriends is a tactical war

When we made a list of the best games of 2016, ran into unexpected (though predictable) problem – good strategies at all. Any fritupleynaya nonsense, of course, full, but it was a tactical game where you have to plan and think practically zero. 2017 is already quite encouraging: for example, on the horizon shone WarFriends – not exactly a strategy, but a pretty nice game.

But first, the project can be taken for action all the formal features of the genre in place. You control a funny guy, armed to the teeth. The only thing missing is the vest – he successfully replaced iron fence boards, which are studded card. On the other side of the shields – endless enemies: gunners, gunners, snipers and other military people. To move freely you will not, therefore, leaping between the shields when in dangerous proximity to be grenades or the shield just becomes unusable. To released opponents, you need only to tap into the appropriate area: hero aptly shoot. If hit in the head, you riprap points. The battle continues until it runs out the last enemy – then you’ve won, will summarize and send it to a new level.

The question arises – and where, in fact, the strategy? All right – you’re not alone, and in the company of valiant and virtual friends. They are divided into different categories: there are the grenade throwers, simple foot soldiers, guys with explosives and even equipment – believe me, nothing is more demoralizing to the enemy, suddenly left the corner of the tank. Or a powerful drone, watered with fire the pot.

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And here these guys and you have to manage: time to engage in battle, in time to withdraw from the battle. You need to decide the squad that you go to war – who stick who is better left to other times. Of course, the whole clip you can improve your equipment, buy your hero a decent machine gun, grenades, and the game electrical new colors. And then you go to multiplayer.

Strictly speaking, single mode – only workout before the real battle. When you’re done, feel free to duel just like you – only in this mode WarFriends is fully revealed. Have been not just shoot recklessly, but to enable the head – at the end of the field a person alive who can easily outsmart you. Well or you it all depends on the speed of decision-making, and tactical training. Get hit by one more time before the tank, let not the squad, with the pyrotechnics screwed up and will lose, not save, even powerful equipment.

WarFriends, like most shareware multiplayer games, with great joy, take you to some donuts – the game is published by Electronic Arts, making it a pocket Studio Chillingo, of course, each pixel is here to squeeze you more money – otherwise it doesn’t work. But on balance of the infusion is almost not affected – the winner here is not the most generous, and the most agile and intelligent; Bank card the enemy can not win.

So if you have been looking out yourself intelligent, action Packed with a tight strategic content (‘ve been looking for, I guess), it’s time to download WarFriends.

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