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Want to replace your old Windows PC? Will be adding iPad Pro!

“This is the best in the world to replace an old computer on Windows,” said Phil Schiller during the presentation of the iPad Pro. A controversial statement, you might think. Indeed, but can the iPad deal with all the tasks of traditional computer? In fact, the tablet can not replace, but complement the PC ecosystem.

First, the old PC on Windows not outdated. They are still suitable for most office tasks. The question is only in your financial possibilities and nothing to do with the confrontation between PC and iPad Pro.

Secondly, the transition to Windows 10 can bring inconvenience, loss of productivity for those buyers who are accustomed to the logic of Windows 7 and have purchased a lot of software. For Windows XP users this issue seems particularly acute.

Why the iPad Pro looks a good option for PC owners?

  • Performance: the iPad Pro will make you much more productive. This index is formed depending on the devices you use, including your computer and smartphone.
  • Time: 80% of tasks that can be solved on the computer can be run on iPad. You just save time.
  • Applications: together with the iPad you get access to a huge number of high-end applications that offer new functions and the possibility of a tablet, not a PC or smartphone.
  • Mobile: iPad portable. The battery life of the tablet is about 10 hours, so it is always possible to take with you. This is the perfect gadget for travel, hotels, conferences and so on.

iPad as the perfect device not only for consumption but also for content creation. New 9.7 inch iPad Pro is equipped with a display with True Tone technology that regulates color temperature depending on the environment, and cinema gamut DCI-P3. Don’t forget GarageBand, iMovie, and office Suite of applications, iWork.

iPad Pro is more than just a cute gadget in the pink box. It is logical and efficient to restore an old Windows PC, which also can exist in harmony with the tablet from Apple that can complement the ecosystem of your devices.

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