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Want a “smart” house is based on Apple’s HomeKit? Prepare $4000

One of the journalists 9to5mac’s Zac Hall decided to equip your home with a complete set of devices “smart” home Apple HomeKit. Housing Zack is quite normal for the average American – three bedrooms, two bathrooms. As a result, the kit cost him $4000.

The final cost may vary depending on the size of the home and options selected. If you lay the sensor on the stage of repair then you can save. However, the elements of “smart home” is likely to occupy a sizeable share in the cost structure.

In the end Zach, according to his calculations, equipment home appliances and sensors at a cost of $4425, and given the fact that he did not install a “smart” curtains, save on castles and some other elements.

What is the price of the smart home platform HomeKit?

  • Lighting – $750. So much will have to spend on light bulbs and switches. Price range from $600 to $900 depending on specifications. This is one of the largest items of expenditure.
  • Thermostats – $200. There are hi-end solution for $400 that includes six sensors and the Central hub, but you can find cheaper option from $130.
  • Smart outlets – $90 per pair. Especially for those devices that are too “stupid”.
  • Smart locks – $230. Zack uses only one.
  • Smart fans – $600 per pair.
  • Video camera with motion detection and the possibility of direct video – $200.
  • Doorbell with video camera – $200.
  • The system of remote opening garage – $175.
  • Climate sensors and motion sensors – $220 per set.
  • Alarm – $300.
  • Smoke detectors and gas – $110 apiece.
  • Smart curtains on the Windows – $600 for each window opening.
  • Apple TV – $150. It is through the set-top box manages all of the smart home. She is always enabled and is a hub for the collection and exchange of information between all elements of HomeKit.
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Zack noted that the cost of equipment for conversion of a dwelling into a “smart home” can be calculated even tens of thousands of dollars.

Of course, the management of municipal system only at home will allow you to save some money on electricity and heating, but it can be automated without HomeKit.

These findings correlate with the opinion of experts that the Internet of things will shoot only when its components will become more affordable for the average consumer.

Meanwhile, “smart” home — an expensive toy that allows you to feel as an inhabitant of “the future”.

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