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Waiting for users of Hackintosh from the new modular Mac Pro

In the beginning of the month Apple told me that designs a brand-new, “completely rethought” model of the workstation Mac Pro. Your computer will have a modular design that will allow users to more easily update the machine.

According to senior Vice President of Apple’s Craig Federighi, releasing a Mac Pro four years ago, the company wanted to “do something bold and different”, but “at some point came to the conclusion that the concept of the current Mac Pro “was fundamentally wrong”. The car was very tightly integrated inside, which impeded its regular upgrade. “The idea that a Mac Pro can be expanded with only some peripheral Thunderbolt devices, looked good on paper but failed in practice,” acknowledged to Apple.

9to5Mac conducted a survey among users of the oldest forum on the Hackintosh about their expectations about the new Mac Pro. The reviewers decided to ask, what geeks need from a computer and that would force them to return Apple equipment.


“The main drawback of the Mac Pro 6,1 was a proprietary slot for a graphics card. Return PCI-e to upgrade the GPU in a moment will return many users on Mac. I wish Apple took the next step and showed that she appreciated the professional user, deleting the custom firmware when using third-party graphics cards. This will restore the faith in the company. Also it is very important that Apple has kept the sockets for the processors.

I am sure that many users would appreciate the decision by Apple to release Mac Pro the entry level with processors of series “E” (Haswell-E, Broadwell-E). Many need more cores, but do not have ECC RAM. Apple could even limit them to one PCI-e slot to differentiate the model from the top series Mac Pro”.

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“The community of Hackintosh users will definitely appreciate the modular Mac Pro with the ability to upgrade components. People have to create their own system with custom graphics cards PCIe, add-on SATA and/or m.2, slots for RAM, expansion slots, PICe, multiple graphics ports and USB ports.

Also need Thunderbolt 3. If the design makes it easy to access inside (not like the cylindrical Mac Pro), this can only be welcomed. Praise the transition to graphics NVIDIA. And, of course, support for third-party interfaces and the ability to replace components without deprivation of Apple’s warranty and going to Apple Store”.

Jeff Benjamin:

“The main thing that I wanted from the new professional Mac Pro – it updates on a regular basis. Of course, I want to see a modular design, but regular updates even more important for a product that is the flagship among the proposals in the line of Apple. Of course, you need to upgrade not only the CPU and GPU, but also interfaces as the adoption of the new standards.”


“How about apropriatory connections with M. 2? Triple the price tag for larger NVME drive will make your Mac Pro is unattainable for me and many other users. I would be surprised if Apple will allow end users to install their own graphics card PC. It seems to me that they will continue to use graphics more costly level of AMD or Nvidia. But in this case, I wish we could choose the brand.”

Going Bald:

“+1 for neprocitana slots m.2. It will be great if will become standard slots, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to use proprietary solutions from Apple. Also waiting for the return of the standard superdrive for DVD and Blu-ray”.

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“The standard of M. 2 PCIe 3.0 for graphics NVIDIA or AMD. USB 3.0, USB-C and dual Thunderbolt ports 3. 10 Gigabit Ethernet over copper cable, as they are common on servers and cheaper optics,” the MacMan.


“Of Course PCIe 4.0. The main advantage of the interface is to dramatically increase data transfer speed. Although of course, out of the box, the system will be limited for most users, as in the case with Thunderbolt.

Apple has not updated Mac Pro for almost 4 years, but even after the announcement he got the hardware, motherboard and CPU – in the last stage of the cycle, as well as the old AMD graphics.

What worries me is that a modular design Apple will provide for the replacement of components, including graphics cards, but the company will use the native components instead of the standard PC, such as PCIe. Hope I’m wrong, but the marketing word “modular” in relation to Apple makes me nervous.”

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