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Vysor: the easiest way to display the image from the screen of Android-smartphone on the Mac and PC [video]

There are several ways to display the mobile device’s screen on the desktop PC, but none of them is as simple and easy which offers Vysor. A new app created by the developer of AllCast is a popular solution for cross-platform streaming of multimedia content from smartphones to TVs. Vysor allows you to configure mirroring (duplication) home screen of Android devices on the desktop Mac, Windows or Linux.

All you need to do to establish the connection – connect the smartphone via USB and download the plugin for Google Chrome. After that it will be possible to control the device using a computer mouse and keyboard.

Originally Vysor was created as a test tool for developers, but the Creator of the app Cosmic Dutta decided to share it with the world by posting a beta version of a product in the online store Chrome.

As noted by the programmer, the one feature that was not seen in Vysor – support for card sharing. “Please connect your Android device to your Mac or PC and run it using the app Vysor via the Internet,” he says. With this software you can remotely control the smartphone from another machine, if both installed.

In the future the author intends to configure the application so that users had the ability to connect to multiple gadgets at the same time.

Set Vysor via the Chrome browser, follow this link.

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