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Vulnerability in iMessage allows you to access the photos in iCloud

iMessage, a proprietary instant messenger Apple contains a cryptographic vulnerability that allows to decrypt saved to iCloud photo. Securitylab reports about it with reference to experts from the Johns Hopkins University.

Researchers led by an expert in cryptography Matthew D. Greene has created software that mimic the Apple server. ON is aimed at decrypting stored in iCloud photos. The experts were able to obtain the encryption key by guessing each of the 64 numbers. When you enter the right numbers iPhone gave the sign. The researchers did not provide more specific information about the vulnerability.

iMessage uses end-to-end encryption, that is, the company does not store any keys. A vulnerability in the application allows attackers to find a way around the protection and view personal content in iCloud. According to representatives Apple, the vulnerability will be fixed in iOS 9.3.

Last year, users of iMessage have found a special set of symbols that violates the iPhone. Because of her, any user could cause the “hang” of the smartphone, or the unauthorized restart.

A reboot occurred if at the time of receiving special messages the iPhone screen was locked. If the message comes at a time when the device’s owner something it does, then “hangs” only the messenger — it becomes impossible to access.

Then the crashing was fixed by upgrading the operating system. The final release of iOS 9.3 with hotfix new bugs iMessage expected on the evening of 21 March, after the presentation of the new iPhone.

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