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VPN ban in Russia will be hardest hit by the inhabitants of the Crimea

Last time in Russia to discuss a possible ban VPN services, with which users can access blocked content. A law banning anonymizers and VPN in Russia will hit the residents of the Crimea, and entrepreneurs. This opinion was expressed in interview “news” the Director of the Regional public center of Internet-technologies (rotsit) Sergey Grebennikov.

Ban anonymizers and limiting the possibility of using on-premises virtual networking will deprive the user of the Crimea access to many legal services. Grebennikov refers to the journalist Yuri Sinodov who last year lived on the Peninsula. Crimean Internet addresses (IP) inaccessible sites for managing accounts in Google Apps, ad campaigns in Google AdWords. You can’t download updates for already installed apps in Google Play, download or install a new one. A little softer situation with the App Store. Download and by it can be anything, but only the account data that is not specific to Crimea.

Inaccessible part of the site that uses cloud hosting is Google. Don’t work and free services, such as display tubes. Recently stopped working updates and access to the services of Sony PlayStation. In the Republic of Crimea do not work online services call taxi: Gett, “Yandex.Taxi,” Uber. The only available services Rutaxi and Maxim.

“In the current situation, all these problems are solved by using VPN. Ban anonymizers and limiting the possibility of using on-premises virtual networking will deprive the user of the Crimea access to many familiar and, most importantly, legal services”, — said the expert.

Also noted that will suffer and the business. Originally the VPN was created for secure data encryption, a ban on its use may be adversely affected by security companies. According to Grebennikov, in fact, be a ban on corporate e-mail, work through remote connections. Virtual private networks are used by banks to exchange data, without this technology, information will be transmitted via an open Protocol available for data interception.

A bill VPN the state Duma in the first reading adopted on 23 June. Amendments to the law “On information, information technologies and protection of information” was submitted to the Duma on 8 June. The document says that the owners of anonymizers and VPN services can not provide access to sites that are blocked in Russia. And Roskomnadzor will have the right to block sites, which will contain information about the means of bypassing locks.

Under the amendments can enter app stores, including App Store, Google Play and other as the available tools to bypass locks. In addition, under the bill can get various software platforms like operating systems and their technical portals, such as portal Microsoft support describing setup of VPN with different versions of Windows, explained the experts.

The same goes for popular browsers that offer the ability to bypass the lock. In particular, Mozilla has built into your browser VPN service. Similar options are in the form of compression of the traffic are present in Google Chrome as well as in Yandex.Browser.

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