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Volvo has announced the application for remote control of a car using Apple Watch

Volvo has introduced a new Volvo On Call app. Some of the systems and functions of the Swedish brand cars can be controlled remotely with the help of smart hours Apple Watch.

Using wearable on the wrist gadget, Volvo owners will be able to check the closure of the door locks, start the engine, turn on the climate control installation, find the car in the Parking lot, to obtain data on the timing of maintenance, to set the coordinates of the destination in the Navigator.

In addition, they changed the look of the Volvo On Call app. He was brought into full compliance with the unique Sensus interface presented on the next-generation XC90 SUV.

“The Volvo On Call app allows you to control almost all functions and systems that You use every day in the car. On a cold morning you can set the time of turning on the heater, and in hot weather – in advance to cool down the cabin. You can also check the fuel level in the tank to know the mileage of the car or to clarify when the time comes the next maintenance. Moreover, this app will help you to find the car in a crowded Parking lot,” says the Director of systems and services in the field of connections and communications Volvo Cars David Holecek.

The app, which will include additional opportunities to send information to the navigation system of the car is planned to offer users at the end of June.

Volvo On Call was launched in 2001. Then she functioned with the help of the installed in the car SIM card. With the help system you can track your car’s location in case of breakdown, accident or theft.

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Previously their systems integration Apple Watch with cars provided by BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz.

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