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Voltus solve the main problem of the 12-inch MacBook [video]

The company Voltus successfully raised money for a new portable battery pack, designed specifically for MacBooks with a screen size of 12 inches. According to the developers, the accessory needs to solve the main problem of the owners of the new Mac.

One of the features of a portable computer is the presence of only one USB Type-C. This standard provides for the use of symmetric ports that you can plug in any cables end regardless of the orientation of the connector.

Portable battery Voltus is equipped with two connectors USB Type-C. Applied battery has a capacity of 35 or WH 55 WH. It is argued that the power source is capable of supporting a MacBook up to 13 hours.

In addition to a pair of connectors USB Type-C provides two standard USB 3.0 ports. Portable battery allows you to simultaneously charge multiple gadgets: smartphones, tablets, cameras, handheld players, and more.

Voltus organized a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the release of new products. Price of portable batteries will be $ 119 for the version Voltus and $ 149 for the model Voltus Pro with a more capacious battery.

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